You're Going to Die

A 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing diverse communities creatively into the conversation of death & dying, inspiring life by unabashedly sourcing our shared mortality



Ned Buskirk

…is the founder of You’re Going to Die. He believes that we, as community, desperately need the spaces, online and off, to gather and grieve, to suffer the losses we’ve endured or stand to lose eventually, to be with one another in this often unspoken truth that we ALL share: We are ALL going to die. Let’s creatively explore that shared inevitability to deepen and inspire our lives.


Chelsea Coleman

…is a songwriter and space-holder. Her mission is to create sanctuaries where people are safe to express their grief alongside their joy and gratitude, to cultivate performance landscapes that are healing for both the storyteller and the listener. As a performer, she found a home with You’re Going to Die nearly seven years ago after the powerful experience of sitting with her grandpa as he died. She started cohosting the SF shows with Ned in 2016, helped turn YG2D into a non-profit in 2017 and began hosting the Oakland show series in 2018. She’s the CFO of YG2D and is part of the Alive Inside prison program.

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Scott Ferreter

…is a deep-feeling musician and storyteller who insists on being vulnerable and honest. In all of his work, whether as songwriter, producer, performer, or men’s work facilitator, he aims to bring about the vibrant truth beneath the surface. He is one half of the touring duo The Feelings Parade, and released a record about grief called See You In The Morning Light in 2017. He co-hosts, edits, and scores the YG2D Podcast, and serves as one of YG2D’s musical space-holders. 


Morgan Bolender

…is a devotee of death, truth, justice, love, and beauty. She found You're Going To Die in 2014, and knew immediately that it would become a home for her heart. She's currently running + participating in the Songs For Life program, where musicians offer their talents and companionship to hospice patients, playing music and writing songs for them and their communities. In addition to her work with YG2D, she's 1 half of the musical duo "The Feelings Parade."


Jordan Edelheit

…believes in the power of asking questions that often have no clear answers. It's probably why she instantly fell in love with You're Going To Die, the raw truth that emerges from every show, and the courageous presence from each storyteller, musician, and human who opts into an evening celebrating our shared humanity as we contemplate death. She is honored to lead our Alive Inside program, the initiative bringing creative expression on death and mortality to prisons across the country.