You're Going to Die

A 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing diverse communities creatively into the conversation of death & dying, inspiring life by unabashedly sourcing our shared mortality

the live event series

Some videos from You're Going to Die's live event series, You're Going to Die: Poetry, Prose & Everything Goes... the communal offering for us to explore the conversation of death & dying, to embrace our losses & mortality, to grieve, bereave & honor those we’ve lost & love… while all the while making room for simply being ALIVE.

*Deep gratitude to Danny Baldonado, Max Silverman & Mathew Brady for their work here.



Andrew Blair

An old friend to You're Going to Die, Blair brings the L-O-V-E and reminds that even Beyoncé will one day die - so, in other words, we're all the same.

Kyle Lesley

Our kind-hearted, larger-than-life and loving friend died, but we are lucky to have parts of his legacy to connect to and relive his existence. 

Sam Sax


Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony

We're all going to die.

Katie Day

I'm not scared.

John Elliott

I thought about the funeral & my mother weeping...

Michelle Murphy

Half disclaimer, half poem.

James the Giant

His heartbreaking song about his brother who died serving his country.

Ned Buskirk

Another rant from the show's host, breaking down what life can be in light of the eventuality that is our mortality.

Sarah Jane Bradley

A eulogy for You're Going to Die's home, for a time, Viracocha, a sacred underground venue that could bring the YG2D audience into potent mortal consciousness before anyone stepped foot on its stage.

Rachel Lark

Sometimes you just have to write songs about death like you know what you're talking about.

Chelsea Coleman

A song about eggs in bellies.

Deep Pools

When you die...

Amber Adrian

Nine things you learn while waiting for your dad to die.

Karlyn DeSteno

Passing through...

Meredith Leich

Sometimes, even when you think you don't have much to say about death, you might have a lot to say about death.

Carrie Leilam Love

There are certain factors in our world that might make you die earlier than most.

Tom Rhodes

Dying is Easy...

Ben Elliott

I was 22 the first time I watched a man die...

David Watts & Harvey Ellis

The body of my brother.

Patti Smith w/Peter Whitehead

And death proceeds no matter what I say...

Ned Buskirk

A little more on what the heck this You're Going to Die thing is.