You're Going to Die

A 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing diverse communities creatively into the conversation of death & dying, inspiring life by unabashedly sourcing our shared mortality

A Write-Up by KQED’s Emma Silvers

A Comprehensive Article by SF Chronicle’s Annie Vainshtein

An SFGate Article by Evan Karp on Our Last Show at Viracocha

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"As an animal lover, veterinarian & leader in animal welfare, I know how the human animal bond lifts us with unconditional love & leaves us bewildered at how quickly our beloved companions pass through our lives. I can’t remember where I read the line, 'Life is short but wide,' but it stuck & when I first encountered YG2D I realized its founder, Ned Buskirk, & the amazingly brave group of YG2D participants are all about acknowledging the shortness of our time together & celebrating the width of our existence. The message of YG2D is as wide as life with enough room for everyone. Go experience it."

Jennifer Scarlett
President SF SPCA

"When we invited Ned Buskirk to speak to our Brothers Keepers group in San Quentin, I knew it would be special but I had no idea how vitally important it would be for the men in blue (Brothers Keepers is a highly skilled & trained group of prisoners in San Quentin providing peer counseling to other prisoners). People in prison can spot a phony or a real deal in seconds — they immediately saw the real deal in Ned & trusted him. Ned’s skill at providing support & the space for the men to speak of their own loss allowed prisoners who rarely say a word stand up & pour out their hearts. It was clear afterwards how needed Ned’s service is —we hope to have you back to engage with other groups of prisoners in San Quentin. With all of my heart - Thank you." 

Sandra Fish
Humane Prison Hospice Project
& Co-Facilitator of Brothers Keepers (Insight Prison Project)

"What an incredible experience last night was…this amazing event that has been a safe place for true expression for a long time…we are blessed…thank you..."

Carlos Aguirre

"WHOA. What a phenomenal show tonight. Thank you, Ned Buskirk for building this community of such staggeringly talented and inspirational mortals."

Desiree Lyons
Audience Member

"Stand up performers, supportive audience, and everyone was sucked in, engaged, and a part of healing. It was beyond healing, it was like layers of mind crap got pulled off of everyone and we could just be all that we wanted to. It was really special. Different, needed and special."

Kate Russo
Venue Employee

"...amazing night from onset to end -- if this is what dying is like -- really looking forward to it -- over & over -- again..."

Martin Hickel

"What a great night. I am filled to the brim with gratitude, awe & inspiration."

Rossana Fiero Schneider

"The juxtaposition of being in a hip club while wrestling with ideas and the realities of death, created a unique atmosphere of vulnerability and truth. It wasn't a chance to 'perform' as much as it was an opportunity to reveal..."

Joshua Eden