You're Going to Die

A 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing diverse communities creatively into the conversation of death & dying, inspiring life by unabashedly sourcing our shared mortality



If you keep telling everyone else to CREATE ‘CAUSE MY GAWD YOU’RE GOING TO DIE you’d better damn well be creating yourself, so you do, you draw or type your simple silly thoughts & ideas, the creatively conscious mortal compulsions you can’t quite shake, like skeletons holding hands because we should because we’re ALL of us going to die someday, until the simple arrival of the surreal & wild moment in this ongoing blissfully baffling unfolding, when Nancy L Williams sends you a photo of her tattoo inspired by your tiny mortal reminder & even though you know YOU & EVERYONE YOU KNOW & EVERYONE YOU DON’T & EVERYONE’S ARMS & EVERYONE’S TATTOOS & EVERYONE’S DRAWINGS & TYPEWRITINGS & EVERYTHING ALL OF IT WILL ALL BE GONE & FORGOTTEN SOMEDAY, you realize, as inevitable as it all is, as meaningless & hard as life is sometimes, you still get to be alive with all of it for a little precious time & watch the heartbreaking beauty of all of it fall away, one by one, until you do too & wow... what a view.