You're Going to Die

A 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing diverse communities creatively into the conversation of death & dying, inspiring life by unabashedly sourcing our shared mortality

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You're Going to Die: THE EULOGY SHOWS - Thursday, April 11th

  • The Lost Church 65 Capp Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (map)

On Thursday, April 11th AND [Friday, April 12th is SOLD-OUT - THANK YOU!!!], two special back-to-back YG2D open mics...

Two EULOGY SHOWS offering people the unique opportunity to eulogize the living, by sharing poems, prose, or song for that someone WHO ISN'T DEAD YET!

Invite your loved one, your friend, your partner, your family... & take this chance to say everything you want to say while you still have the chance to say it.

And if you wanted to re-euologize someone, someone you've eulogized before & want to do it again, OR someone you never got the chance to eulogize, THIS IS ALSO YOUR CHANCE.

$10 in advance and at the door.

Sign-ups will be the night of & the list fills up quickly, so if you want to perform, you’d better get there early…

If you’re going to perform, keep it under 5 MINUTES. That’s right: 5 MINUTES. WE WILL TIME YOU. And we will hug you when we have to stop you [just to make it easier on you (or harder – depending on your propensity for intimacy)].

Poetry, prose, music, dancing, comedy, drama, happy, sad, & on & on & on… Remember: EVERYTHING GOES… so do whatever you want.

You don’t have to perform anything; the audience is as essential as the performers.

Please don’t perform anything with a setup that takes much more time than the time it takes for you to walk onstage. Honestly, plugging things in is endlessly boring. If you need to borrow an instrument, figure it out before you’re called to the stage.

IMPORTANT ::: DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY. Come and have fun. The end. Remember. Someday, we won’t exist and neither will the English language. If you choose to take yourself seriously, then take yourself so seriously that it’s stupid. Ridiculousness is encouraged.

You're Going to Die. No. Really. You are.